Sanctuary Worship

The rhythm of our Worship is from God to us, and then from us back to him. He gives his gifts of life, salvation, and forgiveness, and together we receive them. We build one another up as we speak to one another in psalms, hymn, and spiritual songs. Our Lord gives us his body to eat and his blood to drink. Finally his blessings moves us out into the world, so the gifts he has given us may bless a world in need of life, salvation, and forgiveness.

Family of Christ follows a traditional form of Worship, but blended with some of the best contemporary music of this century. We can never lose sight of our past, but worship must also speak to the soul of this age.

Join us for Worship every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. and Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. Nursery care provided on Sundays.

Outdoor Worship

Outdoor Worship allows for a natural setting with rushing water, decorative stone and a natural garden scene while you spend time with the Lord. Sunglasses are encouraged!

Join us for Outdoor Worship Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. (June 1 - August 31). Worship will be moved inside if bad weather persists.

2018 Summer Sermon and Bible Study Series

This summer we are going to spend some time looking deeply into what God's Word teaches about Spiritual Gifts, Fruits of the Spirit, and Stewardship.

We will start with Spiritual Gifts, and move through the rest until we get to Stewardship closer to the Fall.  The purpose of this series is to take a close look at God's expectations for our lives, and how we can utilize our Spiritual Gifts no matter where we are.

I encourage you to join us this summer as we look at what the Spirit does in us, through us, and with us to bring us closer to God, build a stronger relationship with Him, and what loving our neighbor really looks like.

The series starts this Sunday, June 3, and we will start with Bible Study and Breakfast at 8:00am, followed by the service at 9:30am.  Come and join us this Sunday, and throughout the summer.